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The Zetz Family Story

Matthew James Zetz III, better known as “Jim” was born on August 27, 1951 and died on July 11, 2014 of pancreatic carcinoma. In October 2013, when diagnosed he was told he had 3 weeks to live. He fought for 9 months before succumbing to the disease. He is the father of 6 children, 7 grandchildren, and a great-grandson. This diagnosis has struck his maternal side of his family for generations. Twenty years ago, when he lost his mother Lillian (mother of 6 children) at the same age of 62 years old, we were told that it was not genetic. Yet, her sister Marion (mother of 3 children) also died of pancreatic cancer. Lillian and Marion’s mother, also named Lillian and affectionately remembered as “Nona”, battled the same disease and died at age 51 years old.





The problem with pancreatic cancer is that there is no early detection. There is no identification of the mutation in his family genes. By the time symptoms appear it has progressed to a detectable stage. Pancreatic cancer is aggressive and deadly with average life expectancy of 6 months without chemotherapy. Our family will no longer sit and “wait” for the next victim. We will bond together with all our intentions to help raise funds for research, create awareness , advocate, educate, and support those families who are suffering of pancreatic cancer. The intention of this foundation is to collaborate with Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Center at John Hopkins who has taken on our family study. Please join us today and DONATE to the cause we call “HOPE & CURE”.



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